It makes sense to begin by studying the lives and words of great people who have lived before you if you want to become a better man. You will see some fascinating patterns when you look at references by great people in history:

Aamir Ali

First of all, many people see their success clearly as strength of character. The first attempt is not successful — far from it, but even though they face a failure, they move ahead.

Secondly it tells us how necessary it is to master the “inner game,” to take on their own thoughts and circumstances in order to continue fighting, innovating or just caring about them.

Thirdly, they prove to us that a man gets nothing if he attempts to do something more than anyone else: as Churchill says so eloquently, there are real benefits if a man is challenged to become more than his former self … though remaining graceful to him.

So then, it is clear that great men often take ACTION as their habit.


Changes in lifestyle are time-consuming and enabling processes. The hard part is deciding and following through when you are ready to make the move. Do that and intend to prepare for success. So do your work. Careful preparation involves setting specific goals and doing it step by step.

It takes time and effort to make the improvements you want, but you can do so. No one’s fine, just remember. You may be deficient from time to time. Be kind to yourself. Be kind to yourself. Don’t give up when you eat a brownie or head to the gym. Small errors are common and okay along the way to your goals. Resolve to get on track again.