Changes are good for you. Especially, a positive one. Until and unless you are at a certain level you easily get frustrated. Every job has its highs and lows but it makes a huge difference in your career.

There are few downsides and it’s a deeper meaning which tends to point that it’s now a good time to change and move ahead from your current job for better tomorrow.

You Dread going to work

You felt uneasy to go after you had a day off. It’s like Mondays even you like your job. A solution could be, sparing time for yourself. Either it’s something thrilling or a week tour.
Now if you are trying to switch career then simply, spare an hour to search vacancies and updating your resume. This could help you to make your resume more strong and well prepare.

You don’t feel appreciated

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When you try something progressive and valued but was not appreciated. Then, you feel dishearted. It’s the most frustrating thing that can make you feel to leave as soon as possible.
So, try something different to get noticed or heard with the best possible communication. Try speaking with your line manager or HR Manager about how your value has been decreased and not listened to or appreciated. If it does not help you out then it’s better to seek a new role where your voice is listened and highly appreciated.


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Repetition of the same task over and over also makes you unchallenged. And the more unchallenged is felt at that time when you are associated with the company for a long time. You got some skills but cannot expose here then 1 year, 2 years and frustration starts next year sooner or later.
Again this time you talk with the HR Manager or Line Manager and ask for some challenging tasks, projects, or change in tasks. If that’s not possible then you need to seek that challenge.

No Work-Life Balance

It’s the most happening thing at work. You may be workaholic and think about work most of the time then you don’t have much time. Balancing work and personal life can be tricky. Additionally, it’s better to switch off the work phone and spend time with friends or family or enjoy outside work.
Make a proper balance with work from eating, sleeping, rest, exercise, and other activity. Try making goals, like not reading emails after 6 pm, every Saturday / Sunday.
Now if you can’t make any adjustments then, its time for a new job.

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Reading this Article

If you have reached till here means you must be tallying with your scenario. You are looking for reasons to make a change.
If the signs are truly matching then it’s worth exploring more options out for you.

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