You must learn how to deal with failure to be a successful entrepreneur. It is not possible. Thomas Edison had more than 10,000 experiments before the first light bulb was finally demonstrated on October 21, 1879. Traf-O-Data was a failure of Bill Gates’ first enterprise. Once quoted Michael Jordan: “InContinue Reading


Changes are good for you. Especially, a positive one. Until and unless you are at a certain level you easily get frustrated. Every job has its highs and lows but it makes a huge difference in your career. There are few downsides and it’s a deeper meaning which tends toContinue Reading


Companies having a great culture know what sorts of environment they need to create so that the employees are happy with a positive attitude. Try looking at the examples of good organizational culture when you decide to work at: Rewarding Best corporate cultured companies recognize and reward to everyone. TheyContinue Reading