Lucky Day is a consumer technology start-up that aims to build successful moments for everyone. You think consumers deserve better and concentrate on creating these fun moments. They’ve reimagined the scratcher and lottery experience with their first product, Lucky Day. They give everyone the opportunity to try their luck toContinue Reading


Various applications have come up in the last decade. Which are working well on all kinds of operating systems and devices. We’ve come a long way in using an operating system for certain apps. We can now store data in the cloud, access it from a web app, and modifyContinue Reading

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The US Department of Justice and Capitol Hill’s antitrust hearing against Google are seen by rival Apple as a good opportunity. Reports published in international news organizations believe that Apple can develop a competitive search engine that will overtake Google.While the wave of discouraging anti-competitive practices continues, such moves byContinue Reading

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Laptops have become commonplace these days. Whether at home or in the office, laptops have made it so much easier. Laptops have become an integral part of today’s information technology age as they are easy to carry and have a lot of features inside. Laptops are changing our lifestyles. ButContinue Reading

Google House

Cyber ​​attacks are nothing new in the internet world. As Internet access becomes more widespread, hackers have launched cyber attacks on networks and companies around the world. However, for the first time, Google has revealed that in 2017; cyber attackers launched the largest cyber attack on Google ever. It wasContinue Reading

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The online payment system PayPal has entered the cryptocurrency market. Announcing this, the company said that users with PayPal accounts can buy and sell Bitcoin and other virtual currencies. Customers will be able to purchase items using PayPal from these virtual currencies. With the company’s decision, those who own cryptocurrenciesContinue Reading

Erangle 2.0

Since Erangle 2.0’s tweets and various spoilers were revealed for PUBG Mobile recently, the same version was published in June 2019 for PUBG.After so many queries, on July 27, 2019, Tencent announced Erangle 2.0 for PUBG Mobile. The map will go live finally for PUBG Mobile on September 8, 2020,Continue Reading


The Memory Eater Chrome is always useful and in hand. Is it time to stop using it? If you are using Chrome Developed by Google then there are more of a better version of chromes you may want to use. With changes in time, many other browsers took over ChromeContinue Reading

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Every 39 seconds thousands of attacks on various online databases occur and 300,000 new malware is created every day. Additional, Cybersecurity facts even show that 75 records on average are stolen per second. These are just some of the major scary hacks that happen all around the world. If youContinue Reading