dressing up for first date

The first date is always tricky. It’s like going for a job interview, you might or not be selected. But you always want to leave a great impression. Regarding dressing for a first date, it is always nerve-racking to get ready for. You want your date to think that they do not need to change anything about you including your clothes.

While dressing for a first date, you might make two mistakes. The one being overdressed out of excitement and others being not dressing up enough. Every guy should take care of it no matter how much do you know about fashion or not.

So, how can you solve it? How can you choose a perfect outfit to impress your first date? Don’t worry, we have got you something which will help you know what to wear and what not to. So, without further ado let’s dig into the article.

A Good Perfume Or A Body Spray

No matter what you are wearing, you do not smell good then guy doesn’t wonder why you never hear back. So, while choosing a perfume or a body spray be specific and do not choose one with an extra-strong order. Instead, choose a subtle and unique cologne that will create a good impression.

Go Minimal With The Accessories

Accessories for men.
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Accessories can change the entire game. It is a great way to give a more stylish look to a basic outfit. A watch, some cool pair of glasses, and a couple of rings will make your outfit look classy and cool at the same time.

Take Time To Get Dressed

Just think, you are being ready for an event but spend twice as much time than the normal day. Take a shower, clean your beards, nails, hairs, have your brows done, and most importantly clean your teeth. As ”Good breath is better than the best pair of Chelsea boots.”

Right Fit Clothes Are Important Than Expensive Ones

Often men ended up wearing big and baggy clothes. But this time it’s a big no-no because ill-fitted clothes will not make you as attractive as you want to be. So, choose wisely and buy a well-fitted pair of clothes for the date. It will make you look better and hope so you will get a call after the date.

Choose Shirt Over T-shirt

Most of the women love to see their date in a button-down shirt than that of a t-shirt. Moreover, it is one of the simplest yet elegant fashion items. You can play with the fabrics and experiments with different colors but most importantly be careful about fit and fabrication.

Right Pair Of Shoes

Boots for men.
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Shoes have the power of making your outfit good and worst. Choosing the right pair of shoes you add extra glance to your look. Now, you might be confused in choosing the type of shoes. Are you? If so, then you can go for a nice pair of boots as it goes with all most all kinds of outfit including jeans and dress pants.

Women Finds Man With Leather Jacket More Attractive

Man in Leather.
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Women find men with a perfectly fitted leather jacket more appealing. So, what are you thinking, go and grab a well-fitted leather jacket for your date?

Never Suit and Tie It

Without any doubt, men look sharp in suits but wearing a suit and tie for a date will create a not so good impression. She might think that you made no effort and came right from the work. But a blazer and tailored trousers can be appropriate to wear if it’s for a dinner date in a fancy restaurant.

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