It really must be hard. Do you think that you are just a victim of misfortune, which is why Mrs. Perfect has not yet appeared in your life? Or did you decide that perhaps Ms. Perfect exists only in movies and not in the real world? ALL OUTS! You have it. You have it. Except for your imaginations and movie screens, she does not exist anywhere.

Photo by A. L. on Unsplash

The truth is that the reason Ms. Perfect did not appear was not because of your luck, whether good or bad, but because you are busy seeking someone who is not present! You can’t date in your head with your eyes closed and you can’t dream. So involved in this entire dating exercise that you forget to find the qualities you want! You haven’t met your dream person because you don’t look for the things that are sufficiently close to make them perfect for you.

You’re sure every woman you met couldn’t give you what you wanted. But what were you, first of all, looking for? You know exactly what to look for in your wife once you are certain of what you want. What qualities do you feel in a person are necessary? What are the attributes on which you are prepared to compromise? You’ve been thinking all this about?


Remember, no one’s perfect on this earth. Everyone has defects some are larger than other defects. Some are defects that you can overlook, and some are defects you couldn’t overlook on your best day, and whether she was the most lovely, sexy woman on earth.

If you meet a woman, remember that you cannot control their thinking processes, however difficult you try to impress others. Instead, focusing on your requirements and your desires would be much better and, if you dated this woman, how much you would need.

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