Shopping on AliExpress feels so better but waiting for the shipment makes quite a tough time. You have invested your money there so it’s ok to be worried about the shipment. Product may or may not come and it may be genuine or not as well. It depends on the vendor to vendor whether you had a good, better, best, or worst experience of shopping at AliExpress.

In AliExpress, you can find hundreds and thousands of retailers from Excellent rating to worst rating. If you are newbie, then you may not understand what does AliExpress Order Tracking message means. Some of them are confusing one as well.

The General Process and AliExpress Logistics details are:

  • Order received by the warehouse
  • Waiting for pick up
  • Shipment picking completed/Shipment dispatched from warehouse
  • Shipment at the country of the original distribution center/warehouse
  • The shipment left the country of origin warehouse
  • Shipment accepted by an airline
  • The shipment left the country of origin
  • Departed country of origin
  • Shipment with a local shipping company

Order received by the warehouse

AliExpress does not confirm and ship your order after they receive your order. Order will be sent to sellers and they will check shipping details. After that, the orders will be forwarded to the warehouse to be packed and ready for internal dispatch.

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Waiting for Pickup

The supplier will be waiting for further instructions to go and pick your order. It simply means waiting for instruction which is current detail.

Shipment picking complete or at the country of origin warehouse/ distribution center/orders awaiting shipment

It’s after process from above. They simply got the instruction to pick your order. And that what they do. After picking your order they will confirm and report as done.

Dispatched from warehouse or Shipment left the country of origin warehouse

All right, it’s notifying that your item has been moved out of the warehouse to the airline for shipping.

Shipment Accepted by Airline

Sometimes it takes a lot of time and reverts as well. The airline will check your item and accept it to take for delivery. Your item has been ready to ship from any of the places. It does not mean that it’s been flown yet cause it depends on the availability of passengers to take off.

The shipment left the county of origin or Departed country of origin

Flight taking off. Hurray!! Now I ‘ll receive my product soon. No, that’s not gonna happen yet cause it still has a few more steps to go. But you can be sure that the product has been moved from the supplier’s country to your destination. It takes time because of the route for cargo trips. They may or may not authorize so they transfer to other cargo to deliver.

Shipment with the local shipping company

Now it’s the final one. The final delivery phase where you will soon receive your product. You will get an email and tracking code from AliExpress notifying that your package has arrived in the destination country.

What now?

Well, you follow the instruction to check the order after it arrives in your country’s local shipping. AliExpress tracking and your local tracking will be accurate.

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