The Memory Eater Chrome is always useful and in hand. Is it time to stop using it? If you are using Chrome Developed by Google then there are more of a better version of chromes you may want to use. With changes in time, many other browsers took over Chrome in various aspects.

Chrome is a system hog

Chrome will hog your device’s memory to battery life at such a rapid pace. It does not mean that Google is being unknown about this situation but they are also testing. And the recent news is that they failed to overcome the situation.
It’s unique to chrome as it’s other competitors and niche browsers do not have hogging behavior like Chrome.

Limited Ad-blocking

Photo by Jens Kreuter on Unsplash

The main business of google is ads and chrome has a limited ad-blocking system. Even after you install the ad-blocking extension, they will eat up most of the RAM and won’t block all of the ads.
Their competitive browsers like Brave, Opera, Vivaldi, etc offer the best surfing experience with no ads. Brave took adblocking to the next level by paying you for not deciding to block ads.

Comprehensive Privacy Controls

Photo by Kon Karampelas on Unsplash

So, privacy even plays a vital role in your surf. To be honest, Google’s privacy control is better than used to be. But using different techniques they collect and share information anyway. Their system is different than sneaking and hacking but privacy is still major risks if you misconfigured servers.

No longer best

Many developers are helping and developing Chromium Browsers. They are sleek, fast, and easy to use. Don’t get confused with Chrome Browser and Chromium Browser. Chrome Browser made an ecosystem of prioritizing its products which makes sense.
If you say why it’s no longer best then it’s all because of their Google Search stacks and add-ons.

Looking for new Browser

If you are ready to ditch Chrome then we can help. The browsers that are best with security and privacy and best ad-blocking browsers are out there.

To be precise, I use Opera on Desktop and Mobile but there are also more solid options. If you ask me for Apple (iOS) then pre-installed browser Safari is best on its own.

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