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The world is fighting with COVID-19 and Australia is fighting with COVID 19 in its best possible way. The government of Australia is looking from various angles to eliminate it and make Australia safe from Nobel Corona Virus.

With the help of technology, Australia has taken another step to ensure its people are safe or just simplified the way of contact tracing. The latest released COVIDSafe app for both Android and iOS is part of the government’s step to slow down the spread of COVID-19. It’s a simple but effective way.

Australian Government – Department of Health


COVIDSafe app helps to quickly contact people who may have exposed to COVID-19. It will speed up the manual process of finding people who have been close to someone having COVID-19. State and Territory Health Officials can only access information if someone tests positive. The COVIDSafe app is the only contact tracing app approved by the Australian Government.

How it Works

COVIDSafe App simply asks your full name, contact number, age-range, and postcode. It has a simple interface form for that. Also, it asks for permission regarding the Bluetooth to use and enable it all the time. The system creates a unique encrypted data after installation.

Bluetooth Handshake

When the app recognizes another user then, it records the date, time, distance, and duration of contact. To be more secure, all the details will be recorded up to 21 days and then get deleted automatically after that.

Apps seem simple, what’s the big deal?

If someone diagnoses with COVID-19 then state, and territory health officials will ask the patient or their family who they have been in contact with. With the application, it will be easier to track down. State and Territory Health Officials will then:

  1. Trace contact captured by the app.
  2. Contact those people and let them know for a test.
  3. Advice for the next step on and what to do to protect friends and family from exposure.

The infected person’s name is always confidential, remarking that a piece of information and privacy is strictly protected.

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Source : Australian Government – Department of Health

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