Lucky Day is a consumer technology start-up that aims to build successful moments for everyone. You think consumers deserve better and concentrate on creating these fun moments. They’ve reimagined the scratcher and lottery experience with their first product, Lucky Day. They give everyone the opportunity to try their luck to win big. Since beginning in 2015, Lucky Day has contributed more than $10 million to people worldwide. They’ve been the #1 casino app in the Google Play Store for the past two years with over 30 million downloads.

Lucky Day started to build new titles in 2019 to improve our ability to construct winning moments. They create new competitive social gaming experiences with an opportunity for a successful day! The lotto is free of cost and you can win many prizes either it’s Paypal cash, Giftcards or physical items. They ask for permission at first for the location in-order to enable suitable gifts and prizes accordingly.

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Scratch and Win Lotto; It allows you to try your luck. You can win tokens and upgrade your piggy to power up every heist and build your fortune! Most of the scratches are full of prizes.

Currently, their game is available on Android only. With the huge success of Lucky Day; they have developed other games as well like Lucky Night, Lucky Day BlackJack, and more coming. Their technical team is very expert in solving problem and their customer service representatives as well.

You can find general questions about the game and their responses here.

Well, what’s Lucky Day? Is it free to play the game?

Lucky Day is a lifestyle program that lets you 100% risk-free test your luck. This means free to download and no winning shopping! They believe how much luck will go on Lucky Day. Anyone with an account has access to their jackpot lottery, their Scratch cards every day and month!

Where am I allowed to play Lucky Day?

Anywhere, except where local laws are prohibited. They have worldwide winners and you have the same chance to win, no matter what country or area you live in! Prices in your area are however subject to availability.

Today, all cash prizes are in USD, and the app is currently in English. There will soon be new currencies and languages available!

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How Do I earn Money?

You can win cash on Lucky Day in many ways!

  • 3 cash scratcher winning icons match
  • Cash raffles Winning
  • Match 4 numbers or more on the everyday lottery
  • Participate in their tournaments on social media. Make sure to go on Instagram and Twitter with @luckydayapp!
  • Make sure alerts are turned on to win more chances!

Don’t think just try your luck and play now.

With Lucky Day, every day is a chance to win real money and prizes by playing FREE games! Use my Lucky Code ‘WKKIIGS‘ to get starting bonus tokens.

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