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Every 39 seconds thousands of attacks on various online databases occur and 300,000 new malware is created every day. Additional, Cybersecurity facts even show that 75 records on average are stolen per second. These are just some of the major scary hacks that happen all around the world.

If you are concerned about your identity or password then this article is for you. Online safety is increasing day by day and if you are using poorly designed and dictionary passwords then there is a high chance that your password has been compromised.

Are you Compromised?

Official Website

There are 560 million passwords that are compromised on this website. Have you heard of the website Have I been Pwned? This website checks to see if your email address appears in any database that’s been compromised.

After checking your email address, if they have your email address then don’t be panic. The database has sourced from years back. For example, one of my email addresses was “pwned”, but it was in the Netflix breach of 2010 but I’ve long since changed my password there.

You can simply cross-check or try to change the password on any site that detected here. The best option here would be to Click: Notify me when I get pwned. It will inform you if and when your email appears in the next breach.

Delete Unused / Old Accounts

Photo by Kevin Ku on Unsplash

Now, it’s best to keep on changing your password once in 3 months but what if you forgot the site you create an account on? If the account is active then they can reach you by breaking it and will be in considerable risks.
If you know those websites then simply try deleting old and unused accounts. There do are various platforms to help you out but most of them are costly.

Comment below, if you have any other services to help and secure.

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