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Cyber ​​attacks are nothing new in the internet world. As Internet access becomes more widespread, hackers have launched cyber attacks on networks and companies around the world. However, for the first time, Google has revealed that in 2017; cyber attackers launched the largest cyber attack on Google ever.

It was an attack with high bandwidth of 2.5 Tbps DIDs of Distributed Denial of Service (DIDS). It took Google about six months to recover from this cyberattack.

Photo by David Rangel on Unsplash

What was the attack?

In September 2017, a high-bandwidth cyber attack was foiled, according to Google. The Times of India reported that there were thousands of IPs simultaneously hit by the attack.

The attackers used multiple networks to expose 180,000 CLADAP, DNS, and SMTP servers ranging from 167 Mbps to make the attack a success. According to the company, the cyber attackers were very powerful. The attack was four times higher than Mirai Barnet’s 623 Gbps in 2016. This was the highest bandwidth attack ever.

The Chinese government is under suspicion

Google says cyberattacks with such high bandwidth are not possible for any one person or company.

Such a large and widespread cyber attack is not possible without the consent of the government. Google’s Challenge Analysis Group (TAG) has claimed that four Chinese Internet networks were used in the attack.

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