Weird smartphones

“We are stuck with technology when what we want is just stuff that works.” – Douglas Adams

People’s life is full of technological devices. We are interacting daily with phones, laptops, desktops, bulbs, microwaves, and many more. The market is phone companies even have increased rapidly with their advancement. But do you know there are so many creative, crazy, or weird smartphone designs rather than the advancement during their period also? The designs will make you confuse by saying what is the hell is that?

These phones were weird in design back in their days with no sense to it. They have a basic function and these weird designs and to be more interesting they were designs from Top leading Mobile Phone Manufactures brands.

Nokia – 7600

Nokia 7600 with teardrop, design, and released back in 2003. Its main display was of 2″ (128 X 160 px) and the back camera of 0.3 Mp. The main display is in the middle and surrounded by keypads. The design was so complex that it is very hard to operate with two hands and on top of that, it was small.

Nokia – 7280

This phone was released in 2004 and well popular with the name of ” lipstick phone”. It does not have any sort keypads but their trackpads were similar to iPad. It is possibly the weirdest one ever lunched in the market. The general features of this phone are; It has a speaker and Stereo FM Radio, VGA Camera, and Bluetooth. The phone has basic functionality with just a weight of 84 g (2.96 oz).

Nokia – 6800

The Company – Nokia used to keep its keypads and buttons everywhere by testing a suitable one. Its regular keypad can be flip out to reveal a full Qwerty key.
The phone was quite a handheld gaming console. The major feature is that it does not have Bluetooth either 3.5mm audio jack. It supports java games and other applications and used mini sims.

“It’s supposed to be automatic, but you have to push this button.”
– John Brunner

Blackberry Passport

Another leading phone company also did not leave any effort to make the phone as weird as possible. Blackberry passport was judged by its look and the phone is too short and small QWERTY keyboard. This phone was released in 2014 and is still available. Blackberry passport is on this list because the phone is advance with its too wide design.

Nokia – 7700

The Symbian phones released back in 2003 with expected of being a first multimedia smartphone. The phone was with TFT resistive touchscreen, virtual keyboard, Bluetooth, FM Radio, Pop-port, and Five-way- directional controller. More interestingly it has Stylus as well. With these many features, the phone was announced but never made into the market.

Nokia was the Hero of all Phones from every perspective like design, built, price, and many more. Nokia’s form factor made them strong and hold for a longer time. These used to be weird phones launched or announced but in the same way, there are cool looking phones also and were successful even to cover.

These are some of the best of weird phones. Anyway, there are plenty of other phones that look weird during that period like Nokia 5510, Siemens Xelibri 6, Nokia 7710, Nokia N-Gage, Nokia g2011 Communicator, Nokia 3200 with Art Deco Feel and many more.

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