The world of hackers is mostly comprised of men who have created deadly viruses and stolen millions of dollars of money along with data with their in-depth computer knowledge. Most sexy girl hackers This list breaks this myth to showcase five top female hackers, who not only know their domain very well but are also very sexy.

1. Kristina Svechinskaya

Kristina, a Russian citizen, was a student at the University of New York and was classified as a mule hacker. She tried to defraud millions of dollars by using a trojan horse in several British and US banks. Back in 2011, Kristina was arrested but released after signing a debit and paying $25,000 as bail. She was accused by opening fake bank accounts by using fraudulent passports. She may have been held for more than 40 years if she had been convicted.

2. Ying Cracker

Ying Cracker is a breed of hackers that is a bit different from the rest of the clan. She was never involved in any illegal or unethical work but her work is neither clean nor precise. Ying as an instructor and conducts regular seminars, training, and hacking courses. Ying is a boy who considers hacking to be an essential skill and wants to teach as many people as possible, the essence of hacking. She is now using tailor-made apps for businesses, helping them to understand how to properly secure their data. Talk of being transparent and dumb!

3. Raven Adler

Ravel Alderis has often said that she is one of the most talented and intelligent hackers to make good use of her training. She was the first woman to present her work at Def Con, one of the most prestigious hackers’ meetings in the world. At present, it helps companies to protect their data and other sensitive information. She is a consultant, professor, and writer who is into hacking and computer security.

4. Adrianna Cooke

If somebody has to top this list, it must be Adrianna Cooke. You can take a look at her and you’d know exactly what I mean. Cooke is a well-established model that has frequently appeared in Playboy magazines. And used her hacking skills intelligently to boost her modeling career.
She learned herself about hacking and used it to remove all the illegal photographs that her former partner used to make money from the internet. She received great attention from the internet and helps her fellow models to remove unauthorized images from websites.

5. Kim Vanvaeck

Most of the women hackers are recognized for their good work in computer security, but Kim is an exception. The Belgian national, a.k.a Gigabyte, creates a lot of high-end viruses that target hardware and then destroy sensitive information. When Kim wrote her first virus when she was 14, Kim wrote these viruses, not to earn cash but to cement her position in the men-dominated group of hackers. She wants to show the world that, in comparison to what the world assumes, women also can write viruses and are dangerous hackers. Her Sharp virus has been recognized as the first-ever formed from C Sharp. She now faces charges that could lead her to 3 years in prison and a fine of more than EUR 100.00.

When you think of hackers the next time you imagine a 20-some-something guy with a spectacle, think again. Maybe the amazing beauty that you met at the party could only pick all your hidden secrets up on a computer that you thought was safe. Just like the old proverb, never judge a book by the cover and therefore never judge a hacker by what it looks like! I hope that you’ve liked the sexiest hackers list. Let me know by comment who your favorite is.

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